AIOS Mid-term Conference 2023, Visakhapatnam

AIOS Mid-term Conference 2023, Visakhapatnam

2nd Mid-term Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society

2nd Mid-term Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society

13th Oct to 15th Oct 2023

13th Oct to 15th Oct 2023

Vizag Convention Centre
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

About Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is a port city and industrial center in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, on the Bay of Bengal. It's known for its many beaches, including Ramakrishna Beach, home to a preserved submarine at the Kursura Submarine Museum. Nearby are the elaborate Kali Temple and the Visakha Museum, an old Dutch bungalow housing local maritime and historical exhibits.

You simply cannot go to a coastal city like Visakhapatnam and not see its beaches. Vizag is dotted with many beaches along its coastline, with the most famous one being the Yarada Beach. One of the most stunning places to see in all of Visakhapatnam, Yarada beach is surrounded by majestic hills on three sides, and by the Bay of Bengal on the other side. One of the best things about Vizag’s beaches is that they are a lot cleaner and a lot less crowded than other famous beaches along the Indian coastline, and Yarada beach is no exception. It is the perfect place to sit back on the golden sands and witness a marvellous sunrise or sunset. Located a short distance away from Visakhapatnam, Araku Valley is one of the prime attractions of Vizag. Situated at a lofty 910 metres above sea level, Araku Valley is a hill station replete with gushing waterfalls, crystal clear streams, and lush green gardens. The valley is inhabited by a number of tribes who have strongly held on to their vibrant traditions and culture, refusing to let themselves be taken over by commercialization. Araku Valley offers some challenging trekking trails which you can avail if you’re up for it.

Registration Fee

Entry to Conference Sessions, Trade Exhibitions & Inaugural Ceremony

Conference Kit (for Spot Registration - subject to availability)

Lunch on all conference days, Inaugural High Tea & Gala Dinner

Child above 12 years will need registration as accompanying delegate

  Early Bird: upto 31st August Advance Rate : 1st September to 25th SeptemberOnsite Rates: 26th September
Ophthalmologists 5000 6250 7500
Residents / Trainees 3800 4750 5700
Accompanying Spouse ( Non Ophthalmologists) 3800 4750 5700
B. AIOS Members – Senior Citizen  
Senior Citizen – (> 70 & < 75 Yrs***) 2500 6250 7500
Senior Citizen – (>75 Yrs***) 0 6250 7500
Spouse of Senior Citizen – (>70 & <75 Yrs ***) 1900 4750 5700
Spouse of Senior Citizen - (>75 Years***) 0 4750 5700
C. Non – AIOS Members  
Ophthalmologists 6250 9400 11250
Residents / Trainees 4750 7150 8550
Accompanying Spouse ( Non Ophthalmologists) 4750 7150 8550
D. Trader  
Traders 7500 10000 12000

    Cancellation & Refunds:

    Cancellation is permitted upto 16th September, 2022 where by 25% of the registration fee would be deducted as processing charges. Refund of registration fee will be made only against a written request submitted to the AIOS Office, along with Identity Proof. Refund will be made in the name of the registered delegate and after the conference is over.

Per course is chargeable of INR 1000/- (Optional)

  • Phacoemulsification + foldable intraocular lens implantation
  • SICS
  • Phakic IOLs
  • Iris Fixated IOLs
  • Toric IOL Marking
  • Anterior Vitrectomy
  • Intravitreal Injections
  • Intacs Rings
  • DMEK and DSEK donor preparation
  • Microkeratome LASIK
  • Corneal Cross Linking
  • Penetrating keratoplasty
  • Simple limbal epithelial transplantation
  • Amniotic membrane transplantation
  • Punctal Plugs
  • Valves In Glaucoma
  • Ologen in Glaucoma Surgery
  • Yag Laser SLT
  • Lacrimal Intubation
  • Botox &amp; Fillers
  • Basics of Corneal Suturing
  • Glued / Scleral Fixated IOL 
  • ReLex SMILE
  • Squint surgery
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Viscocanalostomy
  • Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty
  • Anti-VEGFs Injections
  • Slit-lamp Biomicroscopy (including 90 D )
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  • Gonioscopy/Tonometry (NCT & Applanation)
  • Retinoscopy
  • Squint & Orthoptics
  • Contact Lens Basic: RGP Fitting
  • Contact Lens Basic: Soft Contact Lens fitting
  • Contact Lens Advanced Fitting Multifocal (1 hour)
  • Contact Lens Advanced ROSE-K Contact Lens Fitting (1 hour)
  • Contact Lens Advanced:Orthokeratology (1 hour)
  • Contact Lens Advanced: Scleral Contact Lens Fitting
  • Perimetry
  • Green Laser
  • Myopia progression Control
  • UBM
  • Orbital Imaging
  • FFA
  • Specular Microscopy
  • USG: A & B Scan
  • Macular OCT
  • ERG, VEP EOG interpretations
  • Corneal Topography
  • Neuro-Ophthal Imaging
  • Low Vision Aids
  • Biometry
Imaging Module
Smartphone Anterior Segment Photography 2. Smartphone Funds Photography
OP Screening & Portable Funds Photography
IOL Module
lOL Power Calculations using Optical Biometry and Newer Formulae
Toric Marking using Smartphone and Digital Devices
Hospital Module
NABH Accreditation- How and Why? 7. OT Designing & Protocols
Choosing the right Practice Management Software (EMR)
Hospital Administration/Financial Planning for Hospitals
Recent Technologies Module
Setting Up a Dry Eye Clinic
Al Based DR Screening 12. Virtual Auto-Perimetry
Surgical Video Module
Optimising your surgical video recording system
Basic Video Editing Course
Advanced Video Editing Corse
Grooming Module
How to present your papers and talks in conference
Realise your innovation: Learn 3-D Modelling and Printing