The Election is in two parts, an online portion and an onsite portion

The Online component is from 0531hrs IST (0001 hrs GMT) on Friday 9th February 2018
To 2359 hrs IST (1829hrs GMT) on Thursday 15th February 2018


Online voting is ONLY for all ratified eligible members (upto AIOS Membership No. 19899) who have registered their email id and mobile number (RMN) with the aiosoffice by the specified date.

By the end of first week of February, you will receive a pre-mail to your registered email id that the ballot would be delivered to you soon. This mail will be from elections@vote-now.com and you should look out for it.

  • 1) On the 7th of February you will receive the actual ballot but it will not be active till the stipulated times on the 9th. DO NOT DELETE THIS MAIL.

  • 2) On the 9th morning if you click on the ballot link you will see that voting is now OPEN.

  • 3) For you to be able to vote you need a onetime password, which will be sent to your registered mobile number, RMN.

  • 4) Therefore, before you attempt voting ensure that you have the RMN is with you.

  • 5) While voting can be done from compatible smartphones and tablets, It is advisable to use a desktop or laptop. The entire process should take you 5 minutes or less.

  • 6) Once you click the validate button, just follow the onscreen instructions

  • 7) Click generate OTP and enter the 5 digit number you receive on your mobile in the space provided and continue to make your choice. You can now make your choice.

  • 8) If you do not get an OTP in 30 secs click the generate OTP button again. This can be done if required for a maximum of five times. If you still do not get the OTP then you will not be able to vote online. But you still can vote ONSITE

  • 9) When you reach the end of the ballot paper, press review, to see the choice you have made. You can modify your choice by clicking the modify button and making the change.

  • 10) When you are satisfied, press cast your ballot and it is done.

  • 11) You can leave a comment, , even anonymously, regarding your voting experience

  • 12) The Onsite Voting component is on Friday the 23rd February from 0900-1500 hrs at the Election area demarcated by the Election Commission at the venue of the 76th All India conference in Coimbatore.

  • 13) Voting will be on Government approved EVMs operated by their staff

  • 14) It is open to all ratified members who have NOT VOTED online. - On production of the AIOS ID card or any Govt recognised photo ID.

  • 15) The list of those who HAVE voted provided by Vote-now .com is taken as FINAL

  • 16) There shall be NO canvassing or display and distribution of Canvassing material within the Area stipulated by the EC
  • WHAT TO DO IF I HAVENT RECEIVED THE BALLOT?(Please do this before calling support)
  • 1) You must watch out for the pre-mail as mentioned above. If it is not in your inbox, search the Spam, Trash and delete Folders. If you find it there, click on it and then make it NOT spam so the ballot will come to your inbox.

  • 2) People with Gmail ids must also search the social, updates and promotional folders.

  • 1) After the Onsite voting ends, the EVM votes are totalled

  • 2) Following this the Online Votes are displayed and added to the EVM votes to find the winner by simple majority.

  • 3) The official results are declared at the general Body on 24th evening


Dr. Quresh B. Maskati,                    Dr. Debashish Bhattacharya,             Dr. D. Ramamurthy
Chief Election Officer, AIOS            Election Officer, AIOS                         Election Officer, AIOS